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Reply Artifiz
2:19 AM on May 9, 2019 
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Reply BrianSuema
12:53 PM on August 17, 2017 
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Reply Angelkaanall
4:12 PM on April 13, 2017 
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Reply Zapsverchokvom
7:20 PM on June 23, 2015 

Take a look this damn good blog:


A big Thanks!
Reply Dieter
11:34 AM on June 22, 2012 
yes, and where are you at?
Reply John
12:02 AM on June 20, 2012 
You must be the Dieter that was in Air Cadets when we won a trip to England in 1960. That was a long time ago! I wonder where the other 23 members are?
Reply apnikkijamesb4
1:43 AM on June 16, 2011 
Great site yours faithfully Rafaela Kolic
Reply Casey S
2:29 PM on February 6, 2011 
Fantastic site, gentlemen! Looking forward to getting the book
Reply Dieter
5:10 PM on December 10, 2010 
no, we are not quite ready for publisher so please submit to [email protected]
Reply Chris Clark
4:30 PM on December 10, 2010 
Hi Dieter,

Is it too late to provide info for your new book about to be released? Please let me know.